Adventure Wallet (Horween Dublin)


In an era where technology rules and everything is about the almighty phone, there is something special about taking time to hand write your notes, ideas, and memories on a piece of paper. For this very reason we created the Adventure Wallet. Never be without your Field Notes notebook, cash, credit card, and pencil ever again! This all-in-one wallet fits nicely in your back pocket and is hand crafted with the finest Horween Leather to ensure longevity. We promise you'll want to pass this down one day, and darn proud to do it!

Dimensions: 3 3/4"w x 6"h

• Crafted with Horween Leather- Made in the USA since 1905
• Hand cut and sewn to last a lifetime
• Logo hand stamped
• Edges beveled and burnished
• One Field Note notebook included
• Additional cards (6-10) can be placed in pocket behind notebook.
• Cash, receipts, etc can be placed behind pen holder on the left.