The "trinitas" Wallet (Honey)


If you carry just the basics, the "trinitas" was made for you. Designed using a single piece of leather wrapped, forming 3 pockets to store your credit cards, business cards, or cash.
This minimalist design is ideal for the front or back pocket.
This is one of our favorites, and we're sure it will be one of yours too.

"pass it down for generations"

Dimensions: 4"h x 3 1/8"w

• Crafted with Wicket & Craig Leather- Made in the USA since 1867
• Hand cut and sewn to last a lifetime
• Logo hand stamped
• Edges beveled and burnished
• Fits 10-12 cards and some cash (once broken in you could fit more)

"trinitas" (Latin)
Threefold/a triad/the number three